Monthly Archives: September 2016

YouTube IS Literally Taking Over the Interent

This statement is 100 percent true. I promise to you. This youtube thing is TAKING OVER. It’s not just me that saying these things. It’s a lot of the Internet. If you’re to go on and take a peek whether not YouTube is popular, everyone’s going to say that yes it is popular. So it’s not like I’m coming up with some insane statement.

Why is YouTube so Popular?

So the question is… Why has this website becomes so popular? And the reason is is that people like to become entertaining. If people are entertained then they are happy. Since people become happy when they are entertained, they have really enjoyed doing YouTube. There are a couple of different channels that can really entertain people..You know channels like pewdiepie or merks music or the lg. These are classic channels fam.

Will it Keep Being Popular?

Almost everything that becomes popular eventually dies. But I’m not so sure that YouTube is going to be going away anytime soon. They have an incredibly strong following and people are primarily just using it as a platform to upload their videos. There isn’t a huge reliance upon YouTube unless you are relying upon the ad income or your channel on YouTube. Quite a few people make hundreds of dollars each and every single day because they upload their video to YouTube.

What Can You Do to Become Popular

If you want to become popular on youtube, you need to create a channel and people one day it can become a popular youtube channel. It’s pretty hard and you really need to keep grinding with it because that’s the only true way to get noticed. Keep grinding and you’ll be able to get it done.